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0001429aMuleTransferpublic2008-10-17 08:572009-01-05 17:27
0001429: make slot assignment permanent
Currently slot disappears every time a friend goes offline. If friend goes online only then I can assign slot. So I have to manually check all friends every hour or so to update slots assignment.
  There is too much manual work.

Please make the assignment permanent.

Assign slot -> it is assigned to the day I die. No matter if friend goes offline or online, if it is offline the slot is waiting for him, if he is online slot is given.

Remove slot -> it is removed also to the day I die. No slot, period.

This way I could better manage slots and get rid of tiresome checking who is offline and who is online.
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2008-10-26 05:09   
AFAIK aMule only has one friend slot total. i.e. only one friend can have the friend slot.

But see also [^] for discussion about friend slots not being permanent.
2009-01-05 17:27   
Yeah, or at least, leave friend slot open until he doesn't request nothing more...

...very usefull for pre-releaseing over ED2K...