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0001435aMuleFeature Requestpublic2008-11-04 20:432008-12-23 14:53
0001435: Don't download already downloaded files
If a new download is already into the downloading or shared files, I get a message like what I already have the file or that the file is already in download. And the file is not added again. That's fine.

But, if I already downloaded the file and moved it out of the shared files, amule will start to download again the file.
Stu: Makes perfect sense to me.
Do I understand this right - known.met stores all files ever downloaded, but CDownloadQueue::IsFileExisting checks only downloading/shared files ? There should also be a check against known files, and a hint "You already downloaded this file once." Also, the long outstanding request to memorize canceled files and give a hint when downloading them again should be fulfilled.

Kry: Make it a popup with a checkbox for "don't tell me again", and a preferences option initially stating to inform, so it can be reenabled.
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