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0001452aMuleUtilitiespublic2008-12-01 18:122009-01-18 11:47
Nil Einne 
0001452: Add AICH support to ALC and alcc (command line and gui ED2K) link creator)
It would be good if the ability to create links with AICH hashes is added to ALC and alcc (the command line and gui ED2K link creators). Currently the link creators only create links with the traditional hash and optionally the part hash set.

This was discussed in the forum [^]

A link with an AICH hash is of the form ed2k://|file|aMule-2.2.2-2-installer.exe|8227940|41EB24EFFD568F666B7FE5034C8642AD|h=WANPJGD3CU7BQP6RFZMVOMJQQ7GYLEAO|/ [^]

The h= specifies the AICH hash.

A link with a part hash set is
ed2k://|file|vlc-0.9.6-win32.exe|14618605|C1EE00093FBEDB90B56E95AAEB743B41|p=E4885393CD28C408DDED76799396E1CF:8F29C6861E2D7ED7A83D01234952A7C6|/ [^]
ed2k://|file|vlc-0.9.6-win32.exe|14618605|C1EE00093FBEDB90B56E95AAEB743B41|p=E4885393CD28C408DDED76799396E1CF:8F29C6861E2D7ED7A83D01234952A7C6|h=CEQBIE54E47UCHQ2PIYITWVOBOEQGYQJ|/ [^]
where p specifies the part hashes
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has duplicate 0001504closed  Let alc(c) make eD2k links with AICH hash 
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Nil Einne   
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Sorry I put this in the wrong category. It should be in utilities