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0000146aMuleMiscpublic2004-10-05 18:402004-10-09 12:29
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0000146: Bad display in "On queue" tab
In rc6 (debian install):
- display the "On queue" list
- right-click on the top bar and uncheck "Client Software"
- the client column is not displayed anymore, but the information appears on top of the other columns (surimpression)

(btw, why oh why does rc6 forget all the settings about the size of columns I had for rc5, and that took me weeks to get them nicely ? WHY ??!? ;-) )
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gif bug.gif (60,877) 2004-10-05 23:25
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2004-10-09 12:22   
Sorry about the column widths. I managed to break it a few hours before release. It will be fixed in rc7 you can rest assured. ;)
2004-10-09 12:29   
Fixed on CVS as of now. =)