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0001460aMuleMiscpublic2008-12-25 16:562011-04-17 14:30
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0001460: random crash with no log report + Huge memory leak
after a very long period of running, amule silently quits. there is no crash report in the log file. this used to happen at nights so i wouldn't see what happened at that time. Now it has happened when i was on the computer, aMule had grabbed nearly 800MB of memory (i have 1GB total, go figure) rendering the machine completely unusable. It was so slow that i couldn't bring up the task manager, instead i pumped ctrl+and+backspace and hoped X would restart. it took several minutes of painful hdd activity sound before x restarted. again, there is no error in the log file.

i know i dont have any specific info, probably this report will be useless. still i'd like to let you know.

may be i should run amule from the command line to see what it outputs there?
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Should be fixed by wxWidgets-2.8.12