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0001468aMuleSearchpublic2009-01-09 13:122009-01-25 15:35
Windows XP Home SP3 with all microsoft updates
0001468: attempt to start global search after any other always crashes amule
go to searches window
leave type on local
enter something to name: field
press start
switch type to global
press start

amule will crash. last lines in log are
2009-01-09 13:07:48: Error: Can not wait for thread termination (error 6: the handle is invalid.)
2009-01-09 13:07:48: Error: Couldn't terminate thread (error 6: the handle is invalid.)

if you start global search just after emule was started it will not crash. but if you do local or kad search first then its for sure
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2009-01-25 15:35   
Fixed in 9400