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0001477: on start connect to the last used server
on start connect to the last used server

This is issue that bothered me for a long time.
Current behaviour: I connect to server A, I quit amule, I run amule, amule connects to B.

And A and B have the same priorities, they are both marked as static, there is no difference.

So why not connecting to A?

So my wish is -- remember which server was previously used and connect to it on the next run.
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You don't like us, do you? ;-)

I think you answer youself: both server have the same priority and are static - they are valued the same. What should a stupid computer program do in this case? It will just connect to *any* of these equal servers. If by chances this is server A the first and server B the second time or a series of A, A, A, A, B, A... makes no difference - both servers are equal.

Solution: Make sure that the importance of server A is higher than the importance of server B and it will always connect to server A. If it can't connect to server A, it will pick server B. If you want it to connect to server B, make B more important than A and it will connect to B. Easy, isn't it?

Explanation, why I won't grant your wish: It's the same to which server you connect. Unless you have a bad (fake) server, of course. As long as you have a clean server list (i.e. no bad servers), it will make no difference in the long term to which server you connect.