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0001485: remote homedir causes hangups
i was using amule on a system where my homedir is on a NAS device accessible through 100baseT internet. this works fine in most cases, but did not work with amule. i experienced long periods of the UI being unresponsive, and a corresponding pattern of regular loss of all connections. frustrating. when i eventually moved my ~/.aMule into /var/amule and did export HOME=. i could see that using the local disk, connections persisted longer, there weren't the UI delays, and performance was much improved.

this sounds simple, but it took a year or more for me to put all the pieces together. i got no help in the irc channel and couldn't find any other relevant tickets. amule is the only program i have which totally malfunctioned in the remote-homedir case. it could do better.
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i should mention that through strace i saw a long series of writes to key_index.dat that were of under 10 bytes each.
2009-02-04 10:10   
sorry. also, that downloads were terminated in this condition, but uploads continued at all times. thus, with the problem i described, my U:D ratio would be much higher than i desired, 5:1 or more.
2009-02-06 21:15   
Did you have your temp files on the NAS too?
I don't know exactly how your network file system works, but there is at least one critical case: when a near-end part arrives and the temp file suddenly grows in size. If the grow happens by physical transfer of data to the file you will have a problem if it's on a network.

I'd prefer to have such issues discussed on the forum instead of here.
2009-02-11 22:32   
sturedman, yes, initially the temp files were on the NAS too. i accidentally launched it with local conf files and remote temp files, though, and that worked correctly, so i guess it had to do with access to the confs.

the problem you describe sounds like something that would happen sporadically, but this was a regular problem.