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0001492aMuleExternal Connpublic2009-02-10 14:352009-02-10 14:35
Ubuntu 9.04, Windows XP
0001492: cannot open UPNP port
cannot open upnp port on my router. the deluge bittorrent client can do that, so I am sure the router is fine. I attached the debug log.
System Information:
Linux ubuntu 0000001 SMP Sat Feb 7 16:53:02 CST 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux
aMule 2.2.3 using wxGTK2 v2.8.9 (OS: Linux)
libupnp3 1:1.6.6-3

this bug also happenned in winxp.
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zip (3,753) 2009-02-10 14:35
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2009-02-10 14:35xuzhenOperating System => Ubuntu 9.04, Windows XP

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