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0001521aMuleExternal Connpublic2009-05-17 03:322010-01-30 09:00
0001521: amuleweb doesn't close TCP connection correctly.
TCP connections made to amuleweb never close. They end up in CLOSE_WAIT state forever. As exlained here -> [^] , the problem is probably in a socket that is not closed (or not closed properly).
Found it by accident in v2.2.4 but after upgrading it to v2.2.5, the problem is still there. aMule was running for days and when I ran "lsof -i", I saw a huge number of TCP connections with CLOSE_WAIT state. Not a big problem but it can be considered as memory leak.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Run aMule with amuleweb
2. Run browser and go to amuleweb address
3. Login and logout several times
4. Close browser
5. Run "lsof -i | grep amuleweb" in terminal

You should see numerous TCP connections with CLOSE_WAIT state.
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2009-05-17 04:09   
There is an extra "," at the end of the supplied link in description so it doesn't work when you click. Report editing is disabled :(.
2009-05-19 01:21   
Fixed link.
2010-01-30 09:00   
I have the same situation on my NAS (ARM processor) running amuled/amuleweb 2.2.6

When I use amuleweb with firefox, at the end of page rendering, the browser still waiting that page transfer ends.

It might be caused by this bug?
Should I open a new issue?