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0001528aMuleFeature Requestpublic2009-06-03 17:392010-03-03 02:56
0001528: Wider range of auto upload priorities
To avoid the issue raised here: [^] (5th bullet point)

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2009-06-03 17:48   
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i find manually setting massively requested files to 'very low' normally perverts the explosion of uploading for that one file.

So that might be one way to head down.

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2009-06-03 18:21   
I agree with gav616. Setting the priority to "Very low" helps.

Nevertheless it would be useful to have aMule automatically set the priority to "Very low" for over popular files. I am not yet familiar how the popularity is determined, so I will have to take a closer look on this first.
2009-06-03 20:06   
I believe popularity is determined only by requests, regardless of how well spread each chunk is or number of completed sources..
2009-06-03 20:14   
(edited on: 2009-06-03 20:16)
i think the main question is,
is it enough to widen the auto upload range by 2: [VL, L, N, H, VH]
or is a totally different approached to upload priority needed to be looked at?

atm, I think adding a slightly wider range to the current 'emule' design would be sufficient though, just to suppress highly requested files.

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