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0001535: kad search problem (stop and new search)
I'm opening a new bug because I can no more add comments to the previous one, because there is always a server error).

I'm asking for the possibility to stop a kad search, because if I do a mistake kad won't let me start another search with the same first word, unless the previous search is finished.

A quick example on how you can reproduce it:
- search "fedora 12"
- note that fedora 12 does not yet exist, you wanted to search for "fedora" 11 instead
- hit "stop"
- search "fedora 11"
- read the error "Unexpected error while attempting Kad search: Kademlia: Search keyword is already on search list: fedora"

the previous bug was closed because "it is not possible to stop a kad search".
This is wrong (or at least it can be workarounded) because in emule you can stop a search and immediately start a new one even if the first word is the same
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patch stop_kad_search_patch.patch (279) 2009-07-01 19:12
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2009-07-01 19:12   
I've written a patch, please test it! Here it works! :)
2009-07-10 16:24   
Did anybody test it???
2009-07-12 13:09   
Tested, looks like it does work. ;-)
2009-07-12 14:23   
Good to know, thanks. Will you release soon a new version or should I propose the patch to my distribution?
2009-07-13 03:39   
First one of the devs should check it, and maybe it goes to trunk... :)
2009-07-13 21:34   
I will post this in the forum and it will eventually get into the SVN version. If it's really urgent get the latest tarball that includes the patch - check the changelog on the right side: [^]
2009-07-16 00:05   
Yelo3, we do not support any versions of aMule with patches that have not been authorized by the dev team. So please don't. (Especially since the patch is broken.)
2009-07-16 21:17   
Well I think that my distribution already ships some patches to amule...
Anyway why do you define this patch broken? (I have not tested it yet)
2009-07-19 07:07   
I confirm that the patch isn't a good thing! ;)
2009-07-19 14:18   
Ok, have you got other ideas? can't we look at emule source?
2009-07-19 14:21   
I looked at eMule source...but it's a bit different ;)

I give it a look right now, but my C++ skills aren't yet the best :/
2009-07-26 00:27   
Fixed by marcell in 9723.