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0001539: Incoming and Temp directory not found: changing to default
When starting aMule, if Incoming or Temp directory are not found, the program displays a message informing on the issue and saying the directories have been set to the default location.

This is annoying to me; I use an external HD to store my data, and if I forget to turn it on when starting aMule, my temp and Incoming directories are changed and I can't do anything to avoid it.

In my opinion, this is an usability issue which should be fixed, as a basic rule of usability is not doing anything unexpected or unwanted by the user.

A simple way of doing this right would be giving the chance of changing to default dirs or exiting the program instead... a better way would be giving the chance to retry, exit or choose new directories.
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Should be easy to change the dialog.
2009-07-12 14:17   
Fixed in 9702.

I only added a Cancel-Button to the message box which closes the app. There is no "Retry" available in the standard wxMessageBox, and creating an extra dialog for this use case wasn't worth it imho.