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0000154aMulePreferencespublic2004-10-12 17:292004-10-19 19:19
0000154: 800x600 gets out of screen
 I am using aMule rc5 rpm for Fedora Core 2, and I have a big problem: when I go to preferencies, I can´t see the entire dialog and can´t see the ok or cancel button (those get out of screen) and resizing the dialog box is useless.......can someone tell me a way to successfully solve thi?

I claim the developers to make this more appropiated for 800x600 users (I still have a 15" Monitor and using 1024x768 makes me mad about to be blind). I can´t use ALT+mouse because when title bar ´Preferences´ reaches the top of the screen stops going up and can´t see ok or cancel button
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2004-10-12 17:30   
I forgot to say under Linux
2004-10-19 19:19   
This issue was fixed with the rc6 release, and so the upcoming rc7 release is the one recomended for using now.