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Fedora 11
0001559: aMule rejects any given TCP port as "unavailable"
I have amule set to use ports 4000 (TCP) and 4001 (UDP). Since sometime ago, everytime I start aMule, a message shows on the screen saying that port 4000 is in use and cannot be used and so I got a lowID from the server.

The message is the following:

Port 4000 is not available!

This means that you will be LOWID.

Check your network to make sure the port is open for output and input.
I've tried to:

- Disable iptables (firewall); didn't work. I get the error the same

- Change to other random port numbers; get the same error

- Check using the command line if the port that amule complains about is really in use; no it's not.

- It happens with ANY port I give. In this case the error says it's port 4000, but if I change it to any number, I get the same error (with the other port number).
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Please check if the IP for Bind Address is still valid.
2009-11-24 00:19   
I formated my PC, to install the new Fedora 12. So far, the program is working fine. The error didn't show up again. I'll let you know if it shows in the future.