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0001569aMuleUtilitiespublic2009-12-23 14:122009-12-26 16:41
bill lee 
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0001569: The method of dectecting amule process running already has a bug
When an amule process has been running, there is a file, mulelock, which records the pid of the running process. If user run a second process, amule will read mulelock. If the process which has been recorded in mulelock exists, amule will shutdown.
However, here comes a bug. After amule crashes, the pid may be assigned to another process, when I try to run amule again, it believe that an amule process has already running and shutdown.
This is the way to solve this problem.
When finding the process recorded in mulelock exists, amule should read /proc/<pid>/cmdline. If there is a word, amule, in it, shutdown. If none, amule should be run.
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2009-12-23 21:17   
I'm afraid that's not very portable.
2009-12-26 16:39   
That's how wxSingleInstanceChecker works on Unix-like operating systems. If you find it buggy, please convince the wxWidgets developers that they're doing it wrong.