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0001573aMuleMiscpublic2009-12-30 17:412009-12-30 17:41
Mac OS 10.6.2
0001573: No link clicked download
When I click on a link in any web, the file doesn't load on the Amule.

Also if I copy the link and paste it on line which is on the lowest part of the Amule, the file doens't load on the Amule.

The only way I founded is rebooting the Mac. After that, Amule let my download 2-3 more links. After that, the program works fine, but don't let my add any more files.
It didn't happen with and old version I had installed on the Mac. But when I upgrade the version the problem appear.

I don't have the old version in order to try again if it happens.
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2009-12-30 17:41chall105New Issue
2009-12-30 17:41chall105Operating System => Mac OS 10.6.2

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