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0001576aMuleExternal Connpublic2010-01-09 21:522010-01-18 23:08
0001576: Category deletion from amulegui not saved
When connecting to a remote amuled with amulegui deteting a category in the traffic window causes downloads to be shown in wrong category.

Plus closing and reconnecting through a new instance of amulegui, the deleted categories are still there and everything is unchanged.
It has been happening with the last versions of amule...
Im running amule 2.2.6 on Opensuse linux, installed from the binary package distributed in the repos.
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2010-01-17 18:12   
Please retry with the SVN version. A LOT has changed in EC there.
2010-01-18 21:30   

I installed yesteday's svn version. Deleting categories seems to work fine, but still the only file I was downloading was miscategorized in the process. This happens when removing a category on the left of the categories files were in i guess.
2010-01-18 22:20   
Yes, there IS a problem with remote deleting of cats. I made 3 cats, then deleted the cat in the middle through rgui. I'm getting a debug assertion in the rgui.

However, on the core everything worked right. Files of deleted cat got unassigned, the others stayed fine.
2010-01-18 23:08   
I believe it's fixed in 9967, please verify. If not reopen and describe what exactly you are doing.