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0001584: New file types, please.
aMule could definitely use new file types for search categories. There are several common or semi-common filetypes aMule doesn't appear to search for by extension or file magic, such as .DAA (CD-Images), bzip2 (Archives), and so forth. It's definitely lacking in more common and also relatively new UNIX filetypes, like .XZ (Archives).

Since aMule doesn't release very often, a way to add file extensions and/or file magic in some kind of user-defined list (via the UI) would be wonderful.
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2010-02-01 21:14   
A configurable list is not worth the additional complexity imho.
Did you check out the SVN version? It should have more file types than 2.2.
2010-02-01 22:00   
I was able to access the git repo mentioned on the aMule wiki, but I wasn't aware of an svn repo. (Berlios does not appear to allow ro svn access, even if you're a registered Berlios user.) In any case, I'm using a headless amuled on a Gentoo server, and amulegui on an Ubuntu box, where building from source is slow and difficult (read: not worth it) at the moment.

I just found [^] -- is this the "official" place to get svn builds for Ubuntu? I see the packages haven't been updated for about a month. The proto versions appear to match between these debs and egit amuled for now, but this won't be the case if the build I just pulled from launchpad falls much farther out of sync.

This dependency on using recent source builds to get minor tweaks like better / more complete file types lists is kind of the reason I opened this ticket, with this wording. :) It may not seem "worth" the complexity, but I don't know any official or semi-official way to get svn snaps on Gentoo apart from the ebuild I just crufted by hand, and there's kind of a steep learning curve for new Ubuntu users (I know-- I used to be one) when it comes to finding PPAs or official project packages for Stuff. A lot of users-- esp. seasoned sysadms I know --refuse to use non-final builds of anything, especially not for a comparatively tiny thing like new filetypes in the GUI.

(Also, technically, I shouldn't be using ~x86 Gentoo with loads of overlays plus my own custom ebuilds for a firewall machine. So, in the near future, I'm migrating to Ubuntu Server and avoiding weird pre-release code.)
2010-02-01 22:14   
There is no public SVN, but there are tarballs available here: [^]
Packages for SVN versions see here: [^]
(no, there is no official place for Ubuntu packages at the moment).
And the Feature Requests section of the forum is much better suited for feature requests than the tracker.