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0001588aMuleMulti Platformpublic2010-03-05 07:472010-03-07 14:34
Mac OS X
0001588: On the Mac verson, aMule crashes on lauch when Hebrew localization is running
When aMule 2.2.6 is launched on a Mac with Hebrew as the primary language in system preferences, it crashes immediately. Setting English to primary and restarting solves the problem.
I can supply crash logs, etc. as needed.
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rtf CrashLog.rtf (24,399) 2010-03-07 13:18
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2010-03-07 11:41   
System preferences of the mac, or language setting in aMule?
Please provide a backtrace.
We know that Hebrew language is not working on GTK (it works on Windows), so I'm not really surprised.
2010-03-07 13:21   
This happens when Hebrew is set to primary in system preferences. It happens immediately when aMule is launched, and is fully reproducible (see attached CrashLog).
2010-03-07 14:34   
That's not useful. I'd need a real backtrace from an executable built with debug options. Please ask for help with that on the Mac board.