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0001591aMuleMulti Platformpublic2010-03-15 23:022010-03-29 22:12
Windows XP SP3
0001591: On Windows XP, files with Unicode names are saved with mangled names
On every version from 2.2.3 (at least, it's the first I've tested) to 2.2.6, when I try to download files with Japanese names they get saved with a name different than the one shown in the Transfers tab.
To my untrained eye, it seems that aMule is using a wrong encoding when setting the name of the just-saved file...
Perhaps it uses the ANSI version of the some Win32 API function instead of the Unicode one? You know, like CreateFileA instead of CreateFileW ?

In the enclosed file there is an example of how a file displays in the aMule window and in Explorer, with the file IDs to allow you to reproduce the error.
If I use the file names in this form it fails to submit...
It works on Windows 7 (and Vista iirc), but not on XP.
I'll investigate.
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zip File IDs, aMule and Explorer (37,505) 2010-03-15 23:02
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2010-03-17 20:40   
What is the file system of your incoming folder? NTFS or FAT32?
Can you rename the file in the incoming folder to the correct name?

Filenames with foreign characters do work on Windows.
2010-03-18 00:24   
The partition is NTFS, and I can rename the files okay*. It's just a hassle when I have many files (and error-prone as I can identify them only by size, the name being unreadable), it would be more convenient if they were saved with the correct name in the first place (like eMule does)...
In fact I went more than a year doing just so (and that's why I marked the severity as minor, BTW), but I thought that maybe it was worth to bring the issue to the community's attention.

*IIRC, only from FAT-16 downwards it isn't possible to use Unicode filenames. I think 10+ year old hard disks are all dead by now...
2010-03-29 22:12   
Duh. You were right and I was wrong - it never worked on Windows at all.
Fixed in 10065. You can download Windows binaries from [^]