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0000016aMulePreferencespublic2004-04-15 01:312004-07-18 15:14
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0000016: minimizing to tray
minimizing to tray works but there is no icon therefore unable to maximize
amule keeps running
os = suse 9.0 pro kernel 2.4.21-199
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2004-04-15 03:05   
Edit ~/.eMule search for "MinToTray=1" and set it to "MinToTray=0".
he restart aMule and go to Preferences -> General -> Systray Integration and make sure to set the _correct_ type of systray your windowmanager uses. Setting the wrong one forces your aMule to "dissapear", since it is moved to a tray which doesn't exist. (Note: Some windowmanagers do _not_ have systray. i.e: WindowMaker < 1.0 )

I don't think this should be considered a bug. Auto-detecting the tray type of the windowmanager is more a TODO than a bug.
2004-07-18 12:38   
Well, this happens when you don't select the correct tray for your system and then try to minimize. I'm afraid it cannot be considered a bug.
2004-07-18 12:39   
I'm resolving it unless someone screams 'NOOO'
2004-07-18 15:14   
Not a bug