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0001625aMuleGUIpublic2010-09-15 12:112011-01-16 18:16
Ubuntu 10.04
0001625: In "Shared files" tab the buttons "All shared files" and "Only currently uploading" do nothing. SVN 10285
What's the problem?
In the "Shared files" tab the buttons "All shared files" and "Only currently uploading" don't make any difference in the view of the shared files list.

What's expected?
The "Only currently uploading" should show only the files that are being uploaded in the actual moment, but nothing change if you click it, and I'm not uploading all of them.

Sorry if this is not a bug... maybe is not implemented yet or maybe I don't understand it.
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2010-09-18 11:03   
That's entirely known. The buttons are completely unconnected. It's just work in progress, and yeah, it's snailing along a bit at the moment I'm afraid.