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Surugue Michel 
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Debian 6.0.4
0001708: Works well,but after some minutes or hours, it stops and i have to restart it with the command "aMule", and it will stop later..
Found in terminal:

(amule:16336): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_source_add_poll: assertion `!SOURCE_DESTROYED (source)' failed

A fatal error has occurred and aMule has crashed.
Please assist us in fixing this problem by posting the backtrace below in our
'aMule Crashes' forum and include as much information as possible regarding the
circumstances of this crash. The forum is located here: [^]
If possible, please try to generate a real backtrace of this crash: [^]

----------------------------=| BACKTRACE FOLLOWS: |=----------------------------
Current version is: aMule 2.2.6 using wxGTK2 v2.8.10
Running on: Linux 2.6.32-5-686 i686

Erreur de segmentation
This problem of aMule stoping again and again can let very differents kinds of "backtrace".
I shall send you the many next!

The common result: i have to make aMule start again!

 Debian 6.0.4 itself, does not block or crah, only aMule is stop by the system.

With Debian 5, i had no problems!

I can't find what is wrong!
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You have to use wxWidgets 2.8.12 .