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0000174aMuleSearchpublic2004-11-02 10:312005-04-08 01:07
0000174: search windows dont close using the x
When too many search windows are open and the < > are displayed on the right hand side, the x on each search window no longer works. Right clicking and selecting close still does work however. version rc7
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has duplicate 0000191closed ken Close box on search results tabs doesn't work 
has duplicate 0000201closed ken [MAC] Multiple Search windows wont close if "x" is clicked. 
related to 0000347closed Kry [Mac] right-click on search window tab always works on hilighted tab 
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2004-11-14 02:44   
YA, that's because of current implementation, which btw sux. I'll take a look into fixing it.
2005-04-08 01:07   
Fixed due to new wx capabilities used by Kry. Manually trying to do this is a waste of time, since any number of arbitrary changes in the toolkit will break it, so I propose that we simply keep it as is as long as we support <wx2.6 and use the native support for the newer versions.