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0000175aMuleSharedfilespublic2004-11-02 15:362005-01-06 16:30
0000175: [2.0.0.rc7] Hidden files in share tabs get downloaded
Whether I give file permission "for friend only" or "hidden', there are still people arriving in my waiting list for those files.

Is this option only available on restart ? It should not.

Best regards.
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2004-11-13 14:05   
Does this option exist at all? Damm, will look into it.
2004-12-10 20:20   
A temp workaround is to give _all_ public files the PowerShare priority and those that you don't want to share a VeryLow prio. This way it works for me ;)
2005-01-06 16:30   
As a matter of fact, this code it left from very old functionality that is not there anymore un eMule, and neither will be on aMule anymore :)

So that options are removed now.