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0001756aMuleUtilitiespublic2015-08-04 20:122015-10-16 12:27
0001756: amuleweb: HTTP headers are case insensitive
Using amuleweb:

If "cookie: " HTTP header is not read (instead of "Cookie: "), and amuleweb is accessed via a proxy or web browser that writes HTTP headers as low case, amuleweb is rendered unusable.
Problem is that with the advent of http/2 any proxy can (and will) rewrite http headers as low case.
Configuring a reverse proxy with a nginx compiled with SPDY (~http/2) support.
Reverse proxies can be useful to group or hide these services' webs behind a common port, or other uses.
I've issued a (very tentative) pull request on github repository: [^]

Long explanation of this issue: [^]
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