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0001769aMuleGUIpublic2016-09-23 14:382016-09-23 14:38
64 BitUbuntu Linux with Cinnamon 316.04 LTS
Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS with Cinnamon 3 GUI
0001769: aMule compiled from tar hangs and any window opened after the download windos lacks content (empty)
I compiled aMule 2.3.2 fro xy compressed tar ball. The only dependency nor satisfied was GNU gettext/gettext-tools to compile aMule with i18n
  support. aMule seems to start OK butthe GUI may become not responding, or if you open the statistics windows after the download runs you won't be able to go back to the download windows, Popup windos elicited after that (such as the popup which appears after trying to exit) open but their content i blank. If you click en the right part of the window (blindly) the program may exit. When the GUI freezes completely you may need to kill the program (kill -9 xxxxxxx in the console or System Monitor). Previous version of aMule in Ubuntu repositories works weel. The only singularity of my system is that I use Cinnamon 3 GUI and Unity was uninstalled.
Open aMule, start a download, open statistics winwdow (opens OK), the try to go back to downloads and it wont go. Try to exit from aMule and a blank popup windows appears, if you are lucky to click in the right place the window will close, otherwise to exit aMule you have to kill it from a command line or from the System Monitor. When the main download window freezes the information in the windows seems frozen too.
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