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0001785aMuleTransferpublic2018-05-08 19:342018-05-08 19:34
0001785: limits of transfer
when you put 0 in upload limit it is supposed to be unlimited, this is the way that amule tells me that it is, but actually amule upload very slow
I can reproduce always, if I put high limits in download and upload I can upload mucho more than if I put unlimited limits
I use the amule SVN 10998-1 in arch
put 0 in upload transfer limits
view amule queue with clients but uploading a few KB/s

Put high limits and no clients on qeue and upload until 800 KB/s( i have never seen more than that because I have not many files)
My english is bad, I will try to be viewing this bug report for complet the info or to be more clear for you
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