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0000179aMuleSearchpublic2004-11-04 21:022004-11-13 13:40
0000179: aMule 2.0.0rc7 search extended parameters
The "Extended Parameters" in the search window are always active also when the check box is unselected and they are hidden.

If you run amule 24h/24h, it's very easy to do not notice this and run incomplete searchs.

The correct behaviour should be to reset all the parameters then they are hidden, or at least to ignore them.
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2004-11-05 00:15   
Really? I'm not sure. You might want to set them and forget about them.
2004-11-06 21:33   
The problem is exactly if you forget about them. You may have your search filtered with conditions written days before for other searchs.

If the checkbox is unchecked the generic user expectation is to have the "Extended Parameters" disabled. This is that a checkbox usually means. Enable or disable. If the conditions are meant to be always active, probably a tab sheet is a more correct dialog control, or at least the checkbox text should be changed in "Show Extended Parameters".

Anyway, it should be clear at the user when there are hidden search filters active.
2004-11-13 13:36   
Well, after thinking a lot on it, I'm with you. Will cahnge it.
2004-11-13 13:40   
Parameters are ignored now when they're hidden, so I'm closing :)