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0001790aMuleMiscpublic2018-07-13 08:372018-07-13 08:37
linux 4.15.0-24-generi
ubuntu 18.04 (x64)
0001790: crashes when moving mouse
Amule runs without problems when the execution is not in the foreground, i.e. while in foreground some other program, e.g. Firefox, is running. Otherwise, when Amule is running in foreground, it crashes very often when moving the mouse.
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1) mode
start Amule; wait a while (about 1 minut) then move the mouse on the status bar: the program crashes

2) mode
Start Amule and shortly after start an other program, so that the esecution of Amule passes in background. After that the execution goes on unaffected until the program remains in background. When you move again Amule in foreground, itr crashes immediately moving around the mouse
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