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0000018aMuleTransferpublic2004-04-15 12:272004-04-15 13:30
0000018: cannot complete download of a file but the download is in fact complete
amule (2.0.0rc1) sometimes fails to download a file, it downloads almost until the end of file but then says e.g. "part 5 corrupted" and then tries again to download until the end, and again says "part 5 corrupted". This is repeated many many times. But in fact the file in Temp/*part is *correct*! so amule is incorrectly reporting that the file has not been downloaded yet, while in fact the file is ready and complete. It is not clear when this happens and for which files, but this happens quite often, maybe for 10% of all files.
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2004-04-15 12:59   
I know for sure that the file is in fact downloaded correctly, because in some cases it is a RAR or ZIP archive which has internal consistency check and such files unpack completely and correctly.
2004-04-15 13:04   
I have ICH on. Maybe this is the reason.
2004-04-15 13:30   
This bug was fixed on RC2