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0000181aMuleServerspublic2004-11-04 22:472004-11-17 17:26
MacMac OS X10.3.5
0000181: On launch, splitter on servers screen is at the top
On initial launch the splitter between the server list and the log text is very close to the top. Once aMule loads all its config data, the splitter is adjusted to the middle.
Run aMule, watching as it starts up.
Observe window, notice that splitter is initially at the top.
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2004-11-13 14:02   
Ya, bad timing, isn't it?

Problem is: either that or we don't show GUI till preferences are loaded, which is not possible because they are loaded on GUI constructor. Evil.
2004-11-17 17:26   
Seem like Baz found a workaround... we'll see if it works ok.