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0000184aMuleMiscpublic2004-11-04 23:152004-11-21 20:27
MacOS X10.3.5
0000184: Status bar overwrites itself
As elements of the status bar change, they often overwrite what is already there without first clearing it. This is especially true transitioning from "Connecting..." to being connected to a server. Resizing the window or switching between views (Servers, Search, Transfers, etc.) forces a clean redraw.
Run aMule with auto-connect disabled.
When start up completes, observe status bar. Notice that Users, Files, Up, and Down overwrite each other.
Click on a toolbar button to switch screen (e.g. to Transfers). Notice that the status bar redrew itself without overwriting.
Click on Connect to initiate a connection to a server. Wait for connection to be made.
Notice that the status bar has garbled itself again.
The same thing happens with auto-connect enabled, it's just easier to see this way.
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2004-11-05 00:14   
Mac only bug. Will check.
2004-11-21 11:05   
I think the Mac rc8 prerelease fixed this.
2004-11-21 20:27   
I think too. Closing.