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0000188aMuleMiscpublic2004-11-04 23:342005-01-07 14:51
MacOS X10.3.5
0000188: Can't make non-contiguous selection, Can't toggle selection
In tables (servers, downloads), I can't select multiple, non-contiguous items. I should be able to Command-click on an item to toggle its selected state without affecting the rest of the selection.
Run aMule.
Click on first server in list to select it.
Command-click on the third server in list.
Selection should consist of first and third servers, but not second. Instead, only the third server is selected. Command-click was treated as a plain click.
Again, Command-click on the (selected) third server.
This should have unselected the third server, but instead the third server remains selected.
Repeat this test in any list (downloads, shared files, etc.)
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2004-11-05 00:11   
The stadard behavior is using ctrl key to do that, and it's working here
2004-11-05 00:30   
On the Mac, ctrl-clicking is the same as right-clicking (for people with the infamous one-button mouse). Command-clicking is the Mac standard for toggling selection and making non-contiguous selections. So, yes, this is a Mac-only bug.
2004-11-13 14:00   
What's command-clicking?
2004-11-14 05:56   
Command-clicking is clicking the mouse button while holding down the Command key on the keyboard. The Command key is also sometimes called the Apple key -- it has an Apple logo and a weird cloverleaf or propeller shape on it (I'll try to insert it here: ⌘). It is separate and distinct from the other modifier keys such as Shift, Control, and Option (Alt). On Macs, it is the standard modifier key for making keyboard shortcuts for menu items. For instance, Command-Q is the standard command to quit a program.
2005-01-07 14:50   
Fixed on CVS.