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0000195aMuleFeature Requestpublic2004-11-11 04:342004-11-13 13:47
0000195: aMule bug in gnome graphic
I there, i want to report a bug!
This bug appens all the time when i run aMule with GNOME my usual interface, therefor i change to KDE but i dont like it much.
When i run aMule in GNOME it opens normaly but if i minimize it it disapears and cant be recovered! I am not sure it this is a GNOME bug too, maybe incompatibles, who knows...
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2004-11-13 13:47   
You have to select your correct systray integration on preferences. Thi will no longer be needed on 2.0 final if you use wx >= 2.5.3, but right now it is.