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0000202aMuleFeature Requestpublic2004-11-17 16:392005-04-03 23:59
0000202: [MAC] Mouse right click
it would be good if someone will implement the right click..
in downloads for example if i wanna view the popup menu i must do CRTL+LeftClick
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has duplicate 0000227closed ken [Max] In download window, Right click acts as Left click. 
has duplicate 0000228closed ken [Mac] In file transfer window, Right click acts as Left click. 
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2004-11-17 16:45   
right click works, but suppose you have 2 file in download, file A and file B.
if you left click on A (selecting it) and right click on A, amule will show all sources of A, acting like left click.
if you select A, and right click on B, B's file menu will appear.

2004-11-28 23:51   
So, the real problem is that a rapid combination of left-click followed by right-click is being interpreted as a double-left-click, Babboia? I have just now verified that is the case on my system. I had never seen that behavior before. In general, despite this bug's initial description, right-click mostly works properly for me.

This may be because of how right-click is being interpreted. Although Mac OS X does support right-click (AKA secondary mouse button click) as a native event, traditionally one achieved right-click-like functionality (context menus, etc.) by control-left-clicking. So, somewhere in the event processing, something (wxMac?) may be treating a right-click like a control-left-click. So, the app may be seeing two left-clicks in rapid succession with the second one having the control key modifier applied. The app still _shouldn't_ be treating two clicks with different modifiers as candidates for a double-click, but at least it makes more sense than treating two clicks of different buttons that way.

Kry, I don't think this is a duplicate of 174.
2005-01-21 08:29   
Bug is in wxWidgets. Reported to them. See [^]
2005-04-03 23:52   
Bug fixed in wxMac-cvs.
2005-04-03 23:59   
Fixed in wxMac-cvs. Will be available in wxMac 2.5.5 and later.