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0000203aMuleSearchpublic2004-11-20 18:522004-12-24 05:21
0000203: Problems with search files using Webinterface
1. The search function iss only available if you choose a file-type, else the webinterface return no results.

2. If I start a search, which returns a lot of files, the browser (i tryied with Mozilla Firefox and IE) isn't able to show the full page, it's cut after a number of files that he found (i think at its around the 150th file). If that happend I'am unable to download a file or start a new search, becouse the buttons aren't on the page anymore.
I have to push the butten "zur├╝cksetzen" (i use german version) in the searchwindow of the aMule-programm, to make a new search with webinterface able. to make the "zur├╝cksetzen" butten available i have to start a search in aMule-prog.
It's the first time I use aMule, don't know if this problems are on every system. i used the debian-linux whitch iss on the knoppix3.4-CD
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2004-11-24 23:22   
About your problems:

1) is solved in current cvs (see [^])

2) it works here, can you confirm if this still exists in current cvs?
2004-12-20 19:18   
I have the very same issue too, but I can give you a few more infos, all in regard to 2.0.0 rc 7. I have not tested it with current CVS (I am using Debian packages).

First of all, I don't think it has something to do with 0000161, you can workaround this if you click on "Refetch search results" after a few seconds.

What I can definitly reproduce on both long search results and on the shared file listing independently is that the output HTML code gets truncated after 13.140 Bytes (according to Firefox' page info) in all cases I have seen so far.

I can't reproduce this behavoir on other pages - they simply don't get that long in my current setup, but I suspect that this is a general problem.
2004-12-21 15:30   
Ok, confirmed the same bahavoir for the transfers screen (got a file with a large number of chunks producing a large table) too.