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0000218aMuleTransferpublic2004-12-05 04:522005-03-13 18:38
MacOS X10.3.5
0000218: [Mac] Can't see end of long file name in File Details dialog (File name field)
A file name can be longer than the edit field in the File Details dialog. One can move the cursor to any position in the name, but the field doesn't scroll to show the cursor if it is past the right edge of the edit field. So, one can't see that part of the file name or what one is doing when editing there.
Open the File Details dialog for a download file
In the file name edit field, insert text at the beginning of the file name to drive the end of the file name off the right edge of the field
Using right-arrow, mouse drag off right edge, Command-right-arrow, etc., try to bring the end of the file name into view
Observe that you can't
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2005-03-13 18:38   
Kry fixed this by making the file details dialog resizable.