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0000297aMuleMiscpublic2005-02-16 20:122005-02-25 15:24
0000297: mplayer needs stdout
this is about the "preview" feature. It simply does not work for movies in my configuration: mplayer pops up and crashes immediately.

The workaround is to replace /usr/bin/mplayer by a shell script wrapper that does: 1>/tmp/anything mplayer "$@"

I dont know about the best fix, but it may imply giving a proper file descriptor number 1 before forking mplayer.

Actually a way to configure previewers would be even better.
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2005-02-16 20:29   
some tracing in the wrapper gives this information :

file /dev/stdout
 --> /proc/self/fd/1: broken symbolic link to `pipe:[287510]'
2005-02-16 20:59   
Delete the node about broken symbolic link (debugging stdout can be confusing!).
Here is a mplayer wrapper that workarounds great for me:

# let's try to dup fd 1 just to see. Hopefully fd 9 is not used already.
if exec 9>&1
then :
else exec 1>/tmp/mplayer_amule.log
/usr/bin/mplayer.real "$@"
2005-02-17 03:01   
Your script does not work for me, mplayer keeps getting strange chars and interpreting them as keyboard functions. Otoh, this script works for me (the file name is, and the permissions are 0755):

mplayer -vo xv "$@" >/dev/null </dev/null

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