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0000298aMuleFeature Requestpublic2005-02-17 00:232005-02-22 17:52
0000298: Crash Error
0] CamuleApp::OnFatalException() in amule[0x82252ea]
[1] wxFatalSignalHandler in /usr/lib/[0x48f05d]
[2] ?? in /lib/tls/ [0xdd08d8]
[3] wxChoice::GetString(int) const in /usr/lib/[0x32c84e]
[4] wxListBase::Append(void*) in /usr/lib/[0x40f89b]
[5] wxChoice::GtkAppendHelper(_GtkWidget*, wxString const&) in /usr/lib/[0x32cb65]
[6] wxChoice::Create(wxWindow*, int, wxPoint const&, wxSize const&, int, wxString const*, long, wxValidator const&, wxString const&) in /usr/lib/[0x32cd16]
[7] searchDlg(wxWindow*, bool, bool) in amule[0x816a6ac]
[8] CSearchDlg::CSearchDlg(wxWindow*) in amule[0x81d01f5]
[9] CamuleDlg::CamuleDlg(wxWindow*, wxString const&, wxPoint, wxSize) in amule[0x823598b]
[10] CamuleGuiApp::InitGui(bool, wxString&) in amule[0x822e06b]
[11] CamuleApp::OnInit() in amule[0x8227da6]
[12] CamuleGuiApp::OnInit() in amule[0x822dd91]
[13] wxEntry(int, char**) in /usr/lib/[0x324fd0]
[14] main in amule[0x822dc7b]
[15] __libc_start_main in /lib/tls/[0xba7e33]
[16] wxScrolledWindow::AdjustScrollbars() in amule[0x80cbbf1]
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2005-02-17 02:52   
Rui, which version is this? Well, this is probably rc8. What were you doing at the time of the crash? Anyway, this issue should be solved in a recent CVS tarball. If you want to test it:

1) Please get a recent CVS tarball here: [^]
2) In case of crash, try to generate a real backtrace, read how here: [^]
3) Please, use the Crashes forum for oops, like the one you just reported: [^]

, and use the backtrace forum for real backtraces, like the one I am asking you: [^]

Thank you for your cooperation!
2005-02-22 16:45   
AFAIK it's fixed and should happen no more.