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0000303aMuleServerspublic2005-02-20 18:132005-02-22 03:50
normaltweakhave not tried
AMD K7 (i386)Debian GNU/Linux SIDactual
0000303: "Too many files republished by your client software. Please upgrade it."
It seems some server thinks rescanning should not cause the whole bunch of files to be republished again (probably with the same hash, but I am not familiar w/ protocol) causing the funny message in the subject, kicking AND blacklisting my IP for several hours.
share 300+ files, move some between shared dirs, rescan. probably not all servers kick you, and possible that you should do several rescans in a given (unknown) timeslot.
razorback2 did that, for example.
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2005-02-20 19:11   
I can confirm, I have it here too, but I did not know that rescannig was the cause.
2005-02-22 01:59   
That bug has been tracked, hunted, and killed painfully, and it's an ex-bug.