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0000312aMuleMiscpublic2005-02-27 21:222005-02-28 21:36
0000312: configure script uses wrong options for gdlib-configure
1. The configure script appends "--prefix=$gdlib_config_prefix" and "--exec-prefix=$gdlib_config_exec_prefix" to the arguments of gdlib-config (line 5811 and 5815). Both options are not recognized by gdlib-config. gdlib-config fails always if one of both configure options is used. It will work when both lines are removed.
2. gd.h is checked before gdlib-config is executed and the CPPFLAGS variable is extended by the path to gdlib include files. If gdlib is installed at a non default place gd.h will never be found. The second test after gdlib-config uses the cached value from first test. Without manually set CPPFLAGS=-I{path_to_gdlib_includes} it will not work
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2005-02-28 21:36   
Fixed in CVS-2005.03.01