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0000319aMuleFeature Requestpublic2005-03-08 17:412005-03-17 17:16
0000319: Keep selection when changing sort order
Currently, when you change sort order in the listboxes, aMule keeps the selection relative to the top of list instead of keeping it on the previously selected item.
Example: I select the 2nd item in transfers list, then change the sort order, which makes this item 10th. The item stays selected, however the moment you press up or down arrow, the selection acts as if 2nd item was still selected, and so the selection jumps to either 1st or 3rd item instead 9th or 10th.
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2005-03-09 05:39   
Done, ender :)
2005-03-11 20:44   
I don't agree the way this was resolved - while the display now scrolls to the selected item, the selection still behaves as before. When I change the sort order, I don't actually want the visible part of list to scroll to keep previously-selected item in sight, I want it to stay where it was, and only scroll there when I press up or down arrow to move selection (right now up/down arrow will still select relatively to previously selected position on list).
2005-03-12 20:50   
As a matter of fact, it's exactly the opposite on my side. It's not scrolled, and when I push up or down it works as you request. I'll remove the scrolling and let's see.
2005-03-17 17:09   
Seems to work properly again.
2005-03-17 17:16   
Let's close it again then.