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0000345aMuleMulti Platformpublic2005-04-02 12:392008-07-10 14:16
0000345: [Mac] popup windows open on other monitor
i have the amule window on my 2nd monitor. but popups all open on first monitor. 'Preferences' center on first monitor, all others stick on the side to the 2nd monitor. this is especially poor for 'File Details', because i nearly always must extend it to the right to show the entire file name, and then i must extend it across monitor boundary. (resizing to the left is not possible in MacOS)
Maybe there is an option to wx so that popups open on alert position over the main window?
Mac OSX 1.3.8, cvs-2005-03-31, wxMac 2.5.4 static
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2005-04-03 00:37   
Preferences is ok and file details not?
2005-04-03 07:26   
Should be fixed on current CVS, please test... next tarball :/ Or come to #amule on freenode and talk to me.
2005-04-07 13:00   
popups now all open centered on main monitor, so this is a little improvement ;-) but they still open on the main monitor even if the amule window is on the 2nd monitor.
2005-04-12 00:26   
2005-04-12 16:18   
oh Kry,
please don't beat me, but now on Mac it's even worse. popups now open in top-left corner on main screen always. i assume it's wxMac fault, so best is probably to stick with the last version, where popups opened centered on main screen. :-|
2005-04-12 22:34   
No way. I won't give up.