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0000356aMuleMiscpublic2005-04-07 13:112008-02-17 02:43
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0000356: GUI: after chunk completes it is not set to green for all
in Downloads window, if the subtree of all sources for a certain file is opened:
if a chunk completes, it is only immediately set to green for the sending peer. but it is not immediately set to green in all other peers lists. (closing and reopening the subtree fixes it)
expected is, that this chunk changes to green in all peers lists at the same time.
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2005-04-07 14:11   
This happens because drawing of the progress bars are cached. Main bar for 5s and clientbars for 10s.
2005-04-07 15:21   
negative. just tested. other peers' bars are not updated on their own. they are only updated on any other event that updates the (entire) list. these may be frequent (probably) if there is much dl activity or user induced (switching tabs, switching apps until then they are not updated.
2005-04-07 16:43   
Positive. The progress-bars are cached in the custom-drawing routines, but unless those functions are actually invoked (for instance by the source or list being refreshed), it will just stay as what was last drawn on the list, regardless of the fact that the cached value has gone invalid due to passed time.

The alternative would be to force updates at a set interval (wasteful) or implement a way for the remaining sources to be notified once a chunk has been completed.
2008-02-17 02:43   
I'm marking this as "won't fix", as the issue is rather minor, and the solution would be either extremly wasteful or exceedingly complex.