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0000363aMulePreferencespublic2005-04-07 22:342005-04-12 00:41
0000363: FileIO: Error enumerating files for dir /.Trashes/
in Preferences>Directories>Shared Directories:
when expanding the root folder, the message
FileIO: Error enumerating files for dir /.Trashes/ (permissions?) is printed.
i assume that directory entries are enumerated to decide whether a triangle should be displayed to allow expanding of the folder if sub folders exist.
either of this should be changed:
- ignore errors for hidden folders, or
- always skip hidden folders, or
- skip hidden folders if "share hidden files" is not selected
- never enumerate folder items and always draw the triangle for every folder, also for those which don't contain sub folders.

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2005-04-08 06:59   
This is not related to the fact that it's a hidden folder. Check permisions as message says.
2005-04-08 11:31   
i know the error is because of the x permissions. they are correct this way. just expect this folder to be present on any Mac OSX box.

thus this report may be a combination of two:
- don't list hidden folders. there's probably a reason why they are hidden. at least don't list them except if the user expressively wants to share hidden files. or just don't list them on Mac OS.
- don't log when a folder could not be enumerated because of missing permissions. maybe the icon in the tree view could be changed to indicate this state. maybe. i feel it is ok to log this error if the user actually tries to expand the folder, but not if the folder is unavoidably listed.
2005-04-12 00:41   
Fixed on CVS