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0000367aMuleServerspublic2005-04-07 23:302008-07-14 15:17
0000367: changing port numbers does not take effect until restart
in: Preferences>Connection:
after changing the client ports changes are delayed until next restart of amule. this is to preserve open communication targeted to the old port.

drawback: now the user has great trouble to change his network settings: he changes ports and sets his router to forward ports appropriately and ... nothing works.

there should at least be a note in the preferences panel which warns the user that these changes do not take effect until he stops/restarts amule.

immediately using the new ports would still be a better solution imho, even if i lose some chunks. but when changing ports i expect traffic disruption anyway. thou a warning note that current connections may close added to the dialog won't harm.

or change to new port but leave old ports open for a while (e.g. 1 hour) though even this might come unexpected to the user.

related to 00235
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2005-04-08 01:03   
I'm not sure that this is feasible. The main issue is that all clients that have previously connected to us will still be using the old ports.
2005-04-11 22:46   
I would say drop all sockets, but then again that would be exactly like restarting.
2005-11-08 01:32   
UDP-sockets can now (thanks to the CMuleUDPSocket class) be easily enhanced to support rebinding.