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0000401aMuleMiscpublic2005-04-29 11:552005-07-13 22:26
0000401: transfert sorting is forgotten after a restart
When i start amule, it looks like that the sorting of the transfert tab is just forgotten ! i have to re-click on the column a want to be sorted. (dont know if it's linked, but the column i sort is the percentage of completion (progression in french :))

Another problem is when the percentage of completion of files i'm downloading change, transfers are not ressorted like it shoud be (and i remember that before it was)
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2005-05-11 04:02   
You can enable auto-sort fo download queue on preferences.

About forgetting value, I'll assign this to Xaignar.
2005-06-04 13:59   
sorting not correct without restart.

the sorting of the lines isnĀ“t correct, althoug you are only rolling up and down the clients (double-click on the file). even then the sorting changes.

to work aroung this you have to roll down the file, so you see all clients and click on the column (e.g. priority) you want to be the sorting one. repeat this until you have your wished order.

it seems that changes in the soritng order due to update changes are not handled neither.
2005-07-13 22:26   
I've fixed the first part of this bug: The sorting order _was_ remembered, but the arrow wasn't updated when the old order was loaded, so it appeared as if no sorting order was set.

However, I cannot fix the second part cleanly. It will require fundamental changes to the way the list works before that can be done.