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0000447aMuleExternal Connpublic2005-05-21 22:582005-07-15 14:13
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0000447: dont send ClientMessage when raise from a systray
i hide aMule window on workspace 0, then i switch my fluxbox to the workspace 1.
then double click on aMule's systray icon and the aMule window raises on workspace 0, but
_NET_WM_DESKTOP property is set to 1.

but standard says that app should change this property by sending a _NET_WM_DESKTOP client message. [^]

So now aMule's window are drawn on the wrong workspace in a pager which uses _NET_ properties of a window to displaying them.
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2005-05-22 16:38   
Tell wx devs... :)
2005-05-26 08:34   
Soemthing interesting: when I hide aMule and show it again on another desktop, it shows on the NEW desktop, not on the old like your aMule does. I use KDE. Might be a fluxbox bug?
2005-05-28 16:23   
probably KDE watches on window property changes directly and does appropriate actions.
2005-07-15 14:13   
As Kry said, this is something you should tell the wxWidgets developers, as we just happen to be using their toolkit. ;)